Living every day to the fullest

“Never give up.” Marilyn Goodman lived by that statement. The Camas resident battled ovarian cancer for 10 years, enduring several reoccurrences and experimental therapies before the disease took her life on Aug. 15.

‘The toughest job, you’ll ever love’

As a senior in college at Graceland University, Paige Webberly was on track to her dream of becoming a doctor. She had good grades, a double major in biology and chemistry, and a work ethic to match.

Getting students ready for kindergarten

Beginning this fall, the Washougal School District will provide full-day kindegarten to all students as a part of a $19.6 million, voter-approved maintenance and operations levy.

A focus on SAFETY

Safety. It’s a topic of discussion for school leaders everywhere. With violent acts and threats of violence continuing to make the headlines, administrators are looking for ways to help ensure parents, staff and students feel secure.

A whirlwind of fun

A feeling of celebration was in the air during opening day at the Clark County Fair Friday morning. Whether it was to brave one of the stomach-turning rides, watch the new traveling sea lion exhibit, feast on fair food or just have fun, people came out in force for “Summer’s Best Party.” By 10 a.m., many of the parking lots were full and people waited in lines for some of the more popular rides.

Nationally broadcast poet will entertain at library

In addition to offering paintings and music, Second Story Gallery will be presenting Live Wire! House Poet Scott Poole during the reception on Friday that kicks off August’s exhibit.

A passion to create

Like many women, Marj Casswell returned to a hobby she loved after retiring. Casswell enjoyed painting when she was young, but put that interest on hold to raise a family and have a career.

Making something old, new again

Amanda Bachelder has always loved the vintage look. Clad in a flowing white shirt, jeans, hand-painted boots and toting a custom tool box with bejeweled handle, she looks very much the part of modern mixed with yesterday. “I fell in love with the shabby chic look,” she said. “I would buy furniture at garage sales, and paint layers of white paint for that look. I love that style.”

New beginnings

Donna Hargrave gazes at the house and surrounding property at the corner of Northeast Everett Street and 23rd Avenue. To the untrained eye, it appears to be little more than an old blue farmhouse and shop building, with grass that needs trimming.

Bringing research to life

Students, parents and staff of Gause Elementary School had an opportunity to “visit” with famous people from history such as Neil Armstrong, Steven Spielberg, Jane Goodall, Jackie Robinson and Milton Hersey. And how did this happen? It was during second-grade teacher Julie Taie’s “Famous Person Museum” in the school library on June 18.