Conquering Aconcagua

"I'm not trying to prove I'm tough. I just want to prove I'm here for the right reasons."

Love through the lens

Ask someone what the word "love," means, and you'll likely be met by responses as varied as the heart of each individual.

Training young chefs

Ask most elementary school children what cooking involves, and many will answer with putting a frozen pizza in the oven, or zapping a bowl of canned ravioli.

Clothing the community

Inspiration can come in some pretty unique ways.

Broadening their world views

Some Camas High School graduates have chosen to forgo the typical college experience for something more non-traditional and outside-of-the-box. From working as a nanny in France to studying at a culinary arts school in Italy, these students are taking time to gain a new world perspective and have experiences they won't soon forget. The Post-Record interviewed a few of these recent graduates to learn in more detail about their unique adventures.

A community gallery

A family owned art business of more than 40 years has found a home in Camas.

Brushes & Brews Canvas & Cupcakes

After a spinal cord injury three years ago left her temporarily paralyzed, Kathy Dering turned to painting to help her regain strength and coordination in her hands.

The season of giving

Several area businesses, organizations have donation efforts underway

Revival of a historic home

Terri Shanahan pauses as she gazes up at the unique light fixture in the dining room of her Dutch Colonial Revival home.

Getting crafty for the holidays

Creating one's own decorations can add a unique touch to holiday home decor.