We cannot allow Trump kleptocracy to continue

The Trump budget — pure profit for Pentagon corporate contractors. The Trump tax “reform” — massive tax cuts for the rich. Really? We are going to stand for this?

Uncertain times for programs that help vulnerable seniors

When President John F. Kennedy designated May as Senior Citizens Month nearly 55 years ago, he did so out of concern for an increasingly vulnerable segment of the U.S. population.

Depression does not discriminate

GOP health care ‘falls short’ for everyone

She was one of 20 Republicans who bucked their own party last week by voting against the House health care bill known as the American Health Care Act, but Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, who represents Washington’s 18th Legislative District, still says she’s committed to repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act — better known as “Obamacare” to its detractors.

Letters to the Editor for May 11, 2017

Newspapers should bring suicide-by-gun ‘epidemic’ into light

Letters to the Editor for May 4, 2017

Kris Greene for Commissioner, Port of Vancouver District 1

Want to make America great again? Stick to your own Main Street

In 2009, downtown Camas was like many many small town epicenters across the country — dotted with vacant storefronts, suffering from a lack of customers and struggling to find its way in the midst of a major economic recession.

Suicide: when the news isn’t fit to print

Letters to the Editor for April 27, 2017

We recently ate at a local restaurant in downtown Camas. We noticed an additional fee automatically added to our bill along with a red card explaining the charge.

Where are the protests over nuclear war threats?

Why is there so little popular protest against today’s threats of nuclear war?