Spotlight on oil train impacts

Two weeks ago, Washougal Mayor Sean Guard announced that he planned to spend seven days — 168 hours — camping next to the railroad tracks at 32nd Avenue and Main Street.

Letters to the Editor for April 14, 2015

Seeking information about Washington State Hi my name is Maddy. I am a fifth-grader at Napa Valley Language Academy in Napa, Calif.

Access to art

According to the Clark County Arts Commission, “The arts hold the power to inspire and enlighten. They influence the economy by creating jobs and ancillary services, stimulating tourism and raising tax revenues. The interdependence of artists supporting local businesses that have supported them is a win-win situation.”

Knowledge provides power to fight breast cancer

Breast cancer recently drug me back into its ugly world. I fought back and took control, when I had the honor of receiving the BRAVE Day proclamation from the Mayor, Tim Levitt and the Vancouver City Council on BRAVE Day, which is March 21 and is a day dedicated to recognizing a women’s right to reconstruction and support after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. A little known law passed in 1998 and was given very little press.

Explore the Gorge, free of charge

There are few places on earth that compare to the rugged natural beauty that can be found all around in the Columbia River Gorge.

Transportation Benefit District is needed for railroad overpass in Washougal

Any of our Washougal-area residents who have waited recently for long trains to pass through town, or those unfortunate enough to be backed all the way onto state Route 14 trying to get to the 32nd Street railroad crossing, know how convenient it would be if we had a second overpass closer to the east side of town. A second crossing will also increase safety in our community by providing an additional route for emergency vehicles to get over the railroad.

Community Chest earns well deserved recognition

An organization that has helped thousands of children, adults and senior citizens over the years will earn some deserved recognition this week.

Letters to the Editor for March 24, 2015

Support extreme risk protection orders I am writing to support strong, smart gun laws that will save lives in Washington.

Traffic signal is the best solution

We appreciate that the Camas City Council is considering a solution to the dangerous traffic situation that exists at the intersection of Northwest Sixth Avenue and Norwood Street.

A discussion about affordable housing

The lack of affordable housing continues to be an issue across the United States, and right here in Clark County.