Oregon’s decision on gillnetting compromises salmon, integrity

I applaud our own Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission for its 7-2 vote on Jan. 14 to reach a compromise that has our state moving in the right direction for conservation of endangered salmon and steelhead. This recent decision removes all commercial gill nets from the lower Columbia River during the spring and summer runs and allows commercial nets in the fall in selected areas - but only through 2019 with the commitment to remove all gill nets completely after that time. This two-year extension of fall gill netting is a compromise to the original plan in favor of the gillnetters, to allow more time to develop selective commercial fishing methods and help the commercial fishery achieve financial goals.

Finding new revenue requires thought, input

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Camas levy is a small price to pay

Moving forward, but fondly looking back

In February 2000 I traveled east down Highway 14, 27 years old and full of nerves and anticipation as I was on my way to an interview for a job in a little mill town nestled along the Columbia River.

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City should not charge for services not rendered

Vote ‘yes’ on school district levies

According to the Clark County Elections office, ballots will be mailed on Saturday for the upcoming Feb. 14 special election.

Merchants look to emerge from ‘Snowpocalypse 2017’

Merchants look to emerge from ‘Snowpocalypse 2017’

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