Keep the holiday spirit all year long

During the holidays, our thoughts naturally turn to giving — not just giving gifts, but donating our time and money to charities, disasters and community programs.

December Cheers & Jeers

‘Tis the season of cheer, so let’s kick this off with a giant CHEERS to all of those who are making the upcoming holidays a little brighter for less fortunate families in our area.

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 14, 2017

Thanks, Herrera Beutler, for supporting tax plan

We need a cultural shift on gender-based violence

Nov. 25 kicked off the annual “16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence.” At no time has this work been more necessary than now. From rampant sexual harassment to sexual assault, domestic violence and sexual trafficking, women across the globe and in the U.S face gender-based violence at horrifying rates.

Tax plan will make rich richer, hurt rest

A poll conducted the week before the United States Senate passed its own version of the Republican-crafted tax bill showed that the vast majority — almost two-thirds — of Americans believed the very wealthy, not the middle class, as we had been promised, would benefit from the GOP tax reform.

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 30, 2017

Shop downtown Camas for holiday gifts

Senators’ answers on college don’t cut it

Show gratitude, ‘shop small’ this holiday season

There’s no way around it: Thanksgiving is a complicated holiday. Although it represents a time of togetherness for some, Thanksgiving can be one of the saddest days of the year for those who are far away (physically or emotionally) from their families, and it is an especially hard day for the many Native Americans who recognize it as a national Day of Mourning.

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 23, 2017

Guest column justifies reader’s vote for Trump

Pipeline resisters face prison time

I’m heading to court from my home in Portland, Oregon, to Missoula, Montana.