Letters to the Editor for May 3, 2016

Education about Alzheimer’s is important

Anticipating filing week

The candidate filing period for the upcoming primary and general elections is less than two weeks away.

Letters to the Editor for April 26, 2016

RTC's actions are outrageous

Finding senior housing solutions

According to the Clark County Commission on Aging, during the next 15 years this area will see a major surge in the number of residents who are ages 60 and older.

Fire sprinkler ordinance just makes sense

The process of making the installation of residential fire sprinkler systems into a main-stream feature of newly built homes in Camas has been a slow process.

No sidelines in fight against climate change

On April 22, 1970, 20 million Americans hit the streets to protest the environmental effects of more than 100 years of uncontrolled fossil-fueled industrial development. It was the first Earth Day.

Small business passing on Obamacare tax credits

It was shocking to read that a scant number of small businesses are taking advantage of federal tax credits designed to make health insurance more affordable.

Volunteer work makes an impact

On Friday, Pres. Barack Obama designated April 10-16 National Volunteer Week. It's an effort to recognize the selfless work of those who, through small and large acts of kindness alike, spend their time to help others.

Protecting and preserving an open space jewel

Camas is home to some of the most beautiful parks and trails in Clark County.

City officials exemplify open and transparent government

City officials across our state are committed to leading open and transparent agencies that engage constituents and reflect the very best of their communities. During Sunshine Week - a week dedicated to promoting a dialogue about the importance of open government -- we took a moment to stand up and applaud the thousands of city and town officials, staff, and committee members who work to support these principles.