We need a cultural shift on gender-based violence

Nov. 25 kicked off the annual “16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence.” At no time has this work been more necessary than now. From rampant sexual harassment to sexual assault, domestic violence and sexual trafficking, women across the globe and in the U.S face gender-based violence at horrifying rates.

Pipeline resisters face prison time

I’m heading to court from my home in Portland, Oregon, to Missoula, Montana.

Forget critique, we must take action to stop Trump, save democracy

The election of Donald Trump was a severe blow to rational thinking. We — and I include many traditional conservatives as well as liberals of all stripes — were so certain that the American people would not possibly elect such an undignified, ill-informed and prejudiced person. When they did, we assumed Trump would be moderated, constrained, even reassembled by some of the same factors that affected previous strong-willed presidents: the professional bureaucracy, a politically attuned White House staff, pressures from Congress, the traditions of the office, the aspiration for reelection and the demands of the job. None of that has happened.

Yes vote on Washougal Prop 7 will ensure stable funding for EMS, ambulance service

Learn to heal and move forward from painful ‘unresolved stories’

An unresolved story is something in your past that you are stuck on. It could be a painful memory that comes up when you least expect it. It could be something that is halting you from moving forward in any aspect of your life. Unresolved stories are associated with pain, and result in lack of growth and positive movement in your life. Many people who have unresolved stories feel confused about why they are in that space and unable to move forward. Maybe you have everything going for you but you don’t feel like you’re getting ahead. Maybe you feel overwhelmed with sadness and you can’t figure out why you can’t move forward from it. Maybe you are constantly telling yourself you don’t deserve good things and you can’t understand where those words are coming from.

Time to reconnect with Gorge communities

If you love the Columbia Gorge but don’t live there, you’ve probably heard me and others discourage you over the last two weeks from going out to gawk at the Eagle Creek fire and its aftermath. With firefighters and road crews hard at work, limiting traffic congestion was critical. But, we’ve turned a corner, and I’d like to ask you to consider reacquainting yourself with the place you love so dearly — for yourself as well as the Gorge communities.

Threatening nuclear war is deeply irrational, U.S. must pledge no first-use

Permanent Hirst fix and capital budget: Washington citizens deserve both

Reaching Paris without stopping in Washington

History may record that the planet’s climate crisis was avoided thanks to the efforts of three countries: China, Germany and France. Or not. The preparedness of those three, and the other European Union member-states, to follow through on commitments under the Paris Accord despite the U.S. pull-out is key to planetary survival. Chancellor Angela Merkel has made no bones about it, announcing that the Europeans are determined, in the name of Western values, to meet the Paris goal of keeping planetary temperature rise to 1.5-2 degrees Celsius while also welcoming immigrants and upholding the global trade system.

Race to toll likely to clip Washington drivers

In 2014, President Barrack Obama opened the door for states to collect tolls on interstate highways. This year Oregon lawmakers, much to the chagrin of Washington drivers and truckers, unilaterally took advantage of the new funding opportunity.