Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 20, 2013

EIS will look at bigger picture This is a letter about the EIS for the proposed coal export terminal in Bellingham. Recently there has been a debate about shipping coal through the Pacific Northwest. The coal would travel from Wyoming through the Columbia River Gorge and up the coast to the proposed Cherry Point Terminal in Bellingham. This terminal would be the largest in North America and require about 18 trainloads of coal a day to travel through here.

Letter to the Editor for Aug. 13, 2013

Citizen wants answers to coal train issues Washougal was my home for 52 years until my recent retirement. I still feel that Washougal is my home town.

Letter to the Editor for Aug. 6, 2013

Coal dust is dangerous About 8:20 a.m. on July 21, I was about to enter Highway 14 from Cook-Underwood Road.

Letters to the Editor for July 23, 2013

Trees could have been saved Along with Camas Mayor Scott Higgins’ crocodile tears, I cried for the 20 or so big beautiful old trees that were taken down as part of the construction of the new Camas community center.

Letters to the Editor for July 9, 2013

Speak out against coal today Situated astride the corridor to three oil terminals and three coal terminals, Camas and Washougal will be in the middle of one of the largest increases in pollution ever imagined. Over 100 million tons of coal and 100 million barrels of crude oil are set to move through our neighborhood every year. This expansion of the fossil fuel supply could soon push us over the tipping point to irreversible global warming.

Letter to the Editor for July 2, 2013

Government change discussion is a waste of time I read with interest the opinion this week from Dave Shoemaker, who is on the Washougal City Council. Dave raises a number of excellent points. I’ve had e-mail discussions with several other members of the council and the mayor.

Letters to the Editor for June 11, 2013

Commemorate Flag Day June 14 is National Flag Day. The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Schick-Ogle Post 4278 asks that local residents commemorate this day by flying our national flag.

Letters to the Editor for June 4, 2013

Coal trains will benefit jobs, economy I've spent 13 years at BNSF Railway, working on trains as conductor and engineer. I’ve dealt with a lot of manufactured products traveling on our trains. However, I've never had to deal with a manufactured issue until the recent conversation about coal dust.

Letters to the Editor for May 28, 2013

Protect the environment from coal

Letters to the Editor for May 21, 2013

Two public employments can lead to corruption