Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for April 9, 2013

County Commissioners should not endorse religion It is coercive for officials of government agencies, whose salaries are paid by all taxpayers, to open their meetings with a "prayer" in facilities that are paid for by all taxpayers.

Letters to the Editor for April 2, 2013

Washougal should stay neutral on CRC As a concerned citizen of Washougal, I am opposed to have my city create any kind of a resolution, pro or con, concerning the CRC project. This is a collaborative project that is 11 years in the making, legislatively it concerns the state of Oregon and the state of Washington and our federal government.

Letter to the Editor for March 5, 2013

Coal trains are not wanted Recently in Hood River, the coal interests with the help of a public relations firm held multiple sessions at a local hotel. There were 10-12 participants per session for what appeared to be an attempt by them to understand why we don't want 1.5 mile long coal trains going through the country's only national scenic area.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 26, 2013

The realities of gun laws and school security Laws are nothing but words in a document that the majority of the general public doesn't know exists, or what they are, because they don't need to. And those that do know and choose to obey them are not criminals. Laws don't stop criminals or people with a mission to commit an unlawful act. They only allow law enforcement agencies to investigate, arrest and fine, or kill, someone who violates one of them.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 19, 2013

No guns in schools Responding to the Feb. 12 letter to the editor from Robert R. Larimer Jr., he writes in his closing statement, "It is really the only way to save their lives" (with respect to putting guns in the hands of teachers and referencing our children).

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 12, 2013

Support HB 1788 State Representative Liz Pike’s new Bill, HB 1788, would make it lawful for trained school personnel to carry concealed in public schools, just as one out of 15 Washington state citizens now legally possess concealed carry licenses and are able to carry in public places.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 5, 2013

Levy dollars benefit Camas kids I heard a comment the other day that got me a little rankled. After seeing the "Vote Camas Schools" signs the comment was "Here they go again, asking for more money. Didn't they just do this a little while ago?"

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 29, 2013

The citizens of Washington have spoken so this session of the legislature will begin the transfer of precious tax dollars from public education to charter schools. Never mind that charter schools’ student achievements are similar to public schools. That is of minor importance. The important item is easy money.

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 22, 2013

I am writing this letter to encourage Camas residents to show their support for the upcoming Camas School District replacement levies on Feb. 12. As a junior at UC Berkeley I have been living away from Camas for almost three years now. In those three years I have experienced many new things and met many new people, but there is one thing that continually surprises me.

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 15, 2013

Help Camas schools continue tradition My family and I have been Camas residents for over 15 years. We also have children who attend both Camas High School and Skyridge Middle School.