Washougal Salary Commission proposes increases for mayor and city councilors

Public hearing will be held Nov. 17

The Washougal Salary Commission is considering pay hikes for the mayor and city council members.

The proposed increases came about after Washougal Human Resources Director Jeanette Cefalo compared the salaries of mayors and council members for cities of comparable population, general fund, number of city employees and assessed valuation.

The mayor currently receives $2,000 a month, and each councilor receives $500. The proposed increase would be $2,100 for the mayor and $525 for council members.

A public hearing will be held Tuesday, Nov. 17, at 5:30 p.m., in the council chambers at City Hall, 1701 “C” St.

The salary commissioners are Sarah Ruddell, Morry Secrest, Rachel Cooper, Richard Reynolds and Larry White. They met Oct. 6 and Nov. 5.

Questions about the public hearing can be directed to Cefalo at 835-8501.