Washougal council candidates bring fresh blood to seat

Washougal residents will choose between a security manager and a marriage and family therapist when they select the newest Washougal City Council member in the Nov. 7, 2017 General Election.

City Council candidates Adam Philbin, the manager, and Julie Russell, the therapist, are vying for the city council’s position 6 seat. The seat came up for grabs after incumbent councilman Dave Shoemaker decided earlier this year that he would not run for re-election after serving two terms on the Washougal City Council.

Philbin, 49, thinks Washougal leaders need to take another look at the city’s infrastructure, which he says has not kept up with the population growth over the past decade. A former EMT and reserve firefighter, Philbin would like to see the city attract more businesses to help Washougal pay for better infrastructure and help support the city’s police officers, firefighters and emergency medical responders.

Russell, 57, a former commissioner for the water district in Tigard, Oregon, who moved to Washougal in 2015, wants the city council to reconsider how Washougal bills its water customers to help people on fixed incomes. To reduce utility costs, Russell wants the city to look into partnering with other jurisdictions, such as Camas or Clark County, to deliver water and sewer services. She also hopes, if elected to the city council, to help streamline the city’s permit process to attract more businesses to Washougal.