Port, city officials proclaim support for Washougal School District

The city of Washougal and Port of Camas-Washougal have issued proclamations of support for the Washougal School District, which is preparing to eliminate more than 200 staff positions, extracurricular activities and a variety of educational programs and services if its replacement levy requests fail later this month for a second time.

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Washougal High grad recalls school levy failure in early ’80s

The consequences of the Washougal School District’s failed educational programs and operations (EPO) levy of 1981 had severe repercussions on Laurie Johnson’s senior year at Washougal High School, creating an impact that she is, to some extent, still feeling.

Green Schools asks Washougal students to create trophies

Green Schools asks Washougal students to create trophies

Washougal School District levies failing