A project of passion

Gracie Gundlach and Sitara Shankar first noticed each other’s familiar faces during practice for the Rose City Youth Orchestra in Portland last year.

Italian inspiration

When Maria Grazia Repetto moved from her native Italy to the Pacific Northwest in 1995, she immediately fell in love with eastern Washington’s cowboy-country charm and Seattle’s moody, rain-soaked landscapes.

New Year, New You

It’s closing time for 2017, and with that come the new year’s resolutions for 2018.

Walking in Washougal’s Winter Wonderland

It’s one of the coldest days of the year, but the sun is radiant and the air invigorating — and we all know that the never-ending rains are coming our way — so it’s not too surprising to see a few cars parked at the Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge, just outside Washougal’s eastern city limits, off Highway 14.

‘Secret Society’ to unlock doors

With a member list that reads like a textbook of the world’s most powerful men — including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, J. Edgar Hoover, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Winston Churchill, Jesse Jackson, Salvador Allende, John Wayne, Shaquille O’Neal and all of the Ringling brothers — a 500-year history shrouded in secrecy and “door keepers,” who literally guard two sets of doors to ensure no interlopers pass into the inner sanctum of the masonic lodge, it’s little wonder conspiracy theories envelop the world of the freemasons.

A dog-gone good time

Don James says he knew he’d found his tribe the very first time he walked into a dog show.

A furry food drive

Striking a balance for ballet

With Daylight Saving Time upon us again, some may feel as if their days are getting shorter. But for three Camas High teens who are preparing for upcoming performance in The Portland Ballet’s holiday performances of “The Enchanted Toyshop” and “Tourbillion,” while trying to balance school work, extracurricular activities and dance rehearsals, the days have likely never felt longer.

Deck the halls with cheerful trees

Ivan Gering, former owner of Papa’s Ice Cream Parlor in Washougal, once envisioned a fun-filled event that highlighted local businesses and raised money for Washougal schools.

Local artists open their doors

If you’ve ever admired a piece of locally made artwork and wondered what was going through the artist’s mind when they crafted it, the annual Clark County Open Studios tour offers you a chance to peek inside several local artisans’ workspaces and maybe even pick their brains about their influences and process.