April 4, 2024

It’s time to move past nostalgia, ban unsafe fireworks in Camas

Though they may hold nostalgia for many Americans, fireworks bans are becoming more common as community leaders better understand the health and environmental dangers associated with these devices filled with gunpowder or highly combustible chemicals.

January 18, 2024

Remembering all of MLK’s dreams

Back-to-back winter storms, power outages and freezing weather may have diverted our attention last weekend, but hopefully many readers also spent time contemplating the life and achievements of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. over the three-day MLK Day holiday weekend celebrating what would have been the venerated civil rights leader’s 95th birthday.

January 11, 2024

Public health asleep at the wheel during 2nd-highest COVID surge

We never would have imagined four years ago, at the start of the COVID pandemic that we’d be here in January 2024: in the middle of the second-highest COVID surge on record with 78% of states reporting “high” or “very high” levels of COVID, according to nationwide wastewater data.

December 21, 2023

Trump’s anti-immigrant stance is deeply anti-American

After a rather peaceful respite from Donald Trump’s hate-filled “rallies,” our former president is back on the campaign trail again, spewing his vile, anti-immigrant rhetoric and riling up the masses of Republican voters.

December 7, 2023

We must listen to, learn from COVID long-haulers

In an article that appears in this week’s Post-Record, the editor of a new anthology of writings by COVID “long-haulers” notes that “long COVID” — the cluster of often debilitating, post-acute infection health issues that have plagued tens of millions of Americans over the past four years is not something we should wish on our friends, family, neighbors or selves.

November 30, 2023

Clean indoor air key to keeping students safe

One of the phrases Camas School District voters may hear more of as the district goes out for replacement levies in the February 2024 special election, is “Safe, Warm and Dry.”

November 23, 2023

Officials want to ‘help’ homeless? Offer proven, housing-first solutions

Though we normally reserve this week’s editorial space for reflecting on gratitude, thankfulness and, sometimes, the importance of keeping holiday shopping dollars as local as possible, recent comments made by Camas officials during Monday night’s Camas City Council meeting made us reconsider that tradition.