The role models are right here at home

There is so much talk about who our children should look up to as role models.

Vote ‘yes’ on Camas School District Proposition 1

Ballots for the Feb. 9 special election began arriving in local mailboxes during this past week. This time around, it's Camas voters who will have the opportunity to decide whether to support a capital improvement bond that would fund major projects throughout the school district.

OPMA violations should draw steeper penalties

Today is day nine of the Washington State legislature's 60-day session. Among the many issues these elected leaders will be discussing, debating and voting on is a bill that if approved would add some very necessary teeth to an existing law that as it currently stands provides for minimal penalties for violations of the state's open public meetings act.

Have a say in Camas’ future

During planning commission and city council meetings, there are times where citizens have wondered out loud how and when certain decisions have been made regarding land use and development issues. Sometimes, by the time a specific project is being proposed and the development application is submitted, some key decisions have already gone through a public process.

Internet safety for children is paramount

We live in a world where access to information, people and places is available with the touch of a button. The internet and modern technology are incredible resources and also incredible burdens.

Keep the Camas library independent

During the upcoming Monday, Jan. 4 Camas City Council workshop, the city's elected leaders will discuss a proposal for the Camas Public Library to join the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District system.

A simple, but powerful notion

What started six years ago with the concept of building literacy, one neighborhood at a time, has rather quietly exploded into a movement that now spans across the United States and around the world.

Helping the hungry and homeless

On Nov. 17, Share organized an event, in coordination with National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, that was aimed at bringing attention to the issues surrounding hunger and homelessness -- two issues that are deeply intertwined.

Critical decision ahead for ECFR

It has been a year of change, adjustment and, at times, turmoil at East County Fire and Rescue. The path ahead for the rural fire district, while certainly not likely to be without its bumps, looks to at least be on a more solid foundation than what has been experienced in recent history.

What will you be doing on Veterans Day?

On Wednesday, citizens across the United States will commemorate Veterans Day. Many people will have the day off of work or school. How will you spend your time on this very important day?