Bright spot to Trump’s ‘War on Marijuana’? It could unite state’s Dem, GOP leaders

Ever since Trump nabbed the keys to the White House, many of us have been feeling like this country is locked in an unending, maddening version of the children’s game, “Mother, May I?” where we take two tiny steps forward only to have the administration scream, “Take five HUGE jumps back.”

Cheers & Jeers for the new year

Happy New Year, dear readers. We hope you had a safe and merry holiday season. Are you ready for the first Cheers & Jeers of 2018?

Affordable housing key to keeping ‘small town charm’

Honor winter’s gifts by connecting with nature, preserving wildlife refuge

Today is the Winter Solstice, which marks the year’s longest period of darkness and shortest stretch of daylight.

December Cheers & Jeers

‘Tis the season of cheer, so let’s kick this off with a giant CHEERS to all of those who are making the upcoming holidays a little brighter for less fortunate families in our area.

Tax plan will make rich richer, hurt rest

A poll conducted the week before the United States Senate passed its own version of the Republican-crafted tax bill showed that the vast majority — almost two-thirds — of Americans believed the very wealthy, not the middle class, as we had been promised, would benefit from the GOP tax reform.

Senators’ answers on college don’t cut it

Show gratitude, ‘shop small’ this holiday season

There’s no way around it: Thanksgiving is a complicated holiday. Although it represents a time of togetherness for some, Thanksgiving can be one of the saddest days of the year for those who are far away (physically or emotionally) from their families, and it is an especially hard day for the many Native Americans who recognize it as a national Day of Mourning.

Paper mill closures hurt heart of Camas, will impact ‘trickle up’ economy

Camas Mayor Scott Higgins likely summed up what many Camas folks were thinking on Tuesday, after Georgia-Pacific announced plans to shutter the majority of its Camas mill operations next spring, and eliminate more than two-thirds of its local workforce: “We’re losing our identity,” Higgins said. “I mean, we’re the Papermakers!”

November Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to everyone who got out the vote this week. Some of the races at stake in local elections — including the Washougal mayoral race, the city council races in Camas and Washougal and the Washougal school board race — can have a great impact on the future livability of East Clark County. The vast majority (nearly 80 percent) of Clark County voters did not add their voice to these very important local issues. But those who did should feel proud of themselves for caring about local politics and for getting their ballot in on time. Let’s all strive to do better, to learn about the candidates and to get out the vote in the 2018 midterm elections.