Property with potential

In September 2014 the Washougal City Council voted to approve the $599,000 purchase of approximately 17 acres west of 32nd and Q streets from the Schmid family, with the goal of turning the 17.81 acre property into what will become the city’s largest park.

A special day in Washougal

It’s going to be a pretty special day in Washougal on Friday.

A worthy mission

“Operation Salmon,” kicked off last week, in Washougal.

Museum is a hidden treasure

Camas and Washougal are unique communities with complex and layered histories. To say they are simply “mill towns” (paper for Camas, wool for Washougal), would be seriously minimizing both of their colorful pasts.

Grass roots efforts are changing the landscape

A new effort is underway that is bringing the City of Camas and a Boy Scout troop together. Their goal is to improve the shared-use path that wanders along the south side of Lacamas Lake.

YWCA Clark County: 100 years of leading social change, justice

For 100 years, the YWCA Clark County has been empowering women from all walks of life right here in the area’s local communities. The organization’s employees and volunteers have remained steadfast about doing this work, often quietly, without fanfare and public adulation.

Enjoy a few more drops of summer fun in the sun

It’s the third week in August, and if you’re a parent or spend any time around kids it’s that time of year when the anticipation for the start of the new school year, which is right around the corner, officially begins.

Filling the gap between learning and hunger

There are so many teachers, administrators and classified staff who are making a difference for children in our schools in Camas and Washougal.

Parking problem demands a long-term solution

For Camas High School students and residents of neighborhoods surrounding the high school, parking seems to have been a problem almost since the facility opened in 2003. Each year, it has continued to grow and mutate into the ugly circumstances that exist today.

Step by step, stone by stone

The Columbia River Gorge is one of the most beautiful locations in the country. And for those of us who call Camas and Washougal home, access to this incredible natural beauty is just a few steps or a short drive away.