Local leaders should follow Vancouver, pass fireworks ban

Confronted by residents who told tales of terrified pups and neighbors worried about fire risks, a group of Washougal leaders are going to look into the pros and cons of instituting a complete ban on private fireworks.

Cheers & Jeers — the July edition

Having built up quite a list of people and groups we’d like to thank, pat on the back or, in some cases, reprimand for the things they do and say, we’ve decided to take a page from our sister paper, The Columbian, and print our own “Cheers & Jeers” section each month.

Herrera Beutler makes time to meet in-person with brewers, so why not with constituents?

U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler is in Clark County today, but don’t get your hopes up that the Republican congresswoman from Camas is actually heeding constituents’ requests for an in-person town hall.

Planning for rosy future may mean bucking popular opinion today

Even wearing sunscreen isn’t as simple as it seems

It’s high school graduation season and that means radio stations everywhere are overplaying Baz Luhrmann’s 1997 song, “Everybody’s Free (to Wear Sunscreen).”

Gen Z will be the ‘Even Greater’ Generation

Generation Z — the Gen Xers’ babies born between 1995 and 2010 — are starting to reach adulthood and the world will, thankfully, never be the same.

Want to save the world? Tell local leaders to act now on climate change

Last week, after our president pulled the United States out of a worldwide agreement to save the planet from the almost-certain ravages of unchecked climate change, a beautiful thing happened — business and political leaders stood up and said, “No.”

Would you put your body on the line to fight white supremacy?

The mourners gathered at a TriMet stop in the heart of Northeast Portland’s Hollywood district Saturday evening. Carrying candles, flowers and signs filled with messages of love and peace, tears wetting their faces, they greeted each other silently.

Want a long, healthy life? Get better sleep

Could an extra hour of sleep really make a difference in your life? According to the experts, the difference is significant.

‘Stop, trains can’t’: It really is that simple

“Stop. Trains Can’t.” — the Federal Railroad Administration’s slogan for its 4-month-old campaign to reduce deaths and injuries at railroad crossings — is, at first glance, the type of “thank you, Captain Obvious” PR move that makes most journalists roll their eyes and move on to their next email message.