Class of 1960 is something special

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This time of year, the Post-Record’s community calendar section is filled with announcements about local Camas and Washougal high school class reunions.

Usually from June through September, reunion committees are busy working to put the finishing touches on the planning of events that are often two- to three day celebrations — opportunities for old classmates to reconnect and possibly re-establish friendships that got lost somewhere between graduation, jobs, marriages, children and families.

The experience of growing up in small towns like Camas and Washougal are unique. Some people end up staying put and establishing roots in the cities that they have come to love, while others move on, but still retain the fond feelings and memories of “home.”

These kinds of bonds to their hometown are what led the WHS class of 1960 to plan something special to mark its 50th reunion. This active group that has remained connected over the years wanted to find a way to give back to their alma mater.

The classmates did give back, to the tune of $4,000 for the Washougal Schools Foundation. Even the class’s foreign exchange student from Germany contributed to the effort.

The actions of the WHS Class of 1960 are what make Camas and Washougal special places to live, and illustrates one of the reasons why even decades later students remain “true to their school.”