Roundabouts removed from highway plan

Washougal council approves amended transportation list

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Roundabouts are no longer being considered as potential projects along state Route 14, in Washougal.

After much discussion last night, the Washougal City Council voted 4 to 3 to approve a six-year transportation improvement program that does not include roundabouts at Washougal River Road and 32nd Street. The option without the roundabouts was approved by Dave Shoemaker, Jennifer McDaniel, Michael Delavar and Jon Russell.

Prior to the vote, Mayor Sean Guard asked council members to consider approving the staff recommendation which included the two roundabouts. Guard said that approval would give him and city staff a year to come up with a viable option to the roundabouts.

Councilwoman Molly Coston wanted her fellow council members to vote for the staff recommendation as a “good interim solution” so the roundabouts could be placeholders on a list of potential state-funded projects.

“Keep us in the que,” she explained.

Russell, instead, said he wanted to “ditch the roundabouts,” even if it means the city could lose its place on the funding list.

“Two to three years – we won’t lose much time,” he said.

The transportation improvement plan, which will be submitted to the Regional Transportation Council, includes traffic calming and bicycle/pedestrian improvements at Addy Street/Loop; traffic calming and resurfacing on “K” Street, from Sixth to 15th streets; and traffic calming on 32nd Street, from “L” to “H” Street.

Additional projects on the six-year plan include a pedestrian pathway on Evergreen Way, from 32nd Street to east city limits; sidewalks on “J” Street, from 32nd to 39th streets (near Gause Elementary and Washougal High School) and pedestrian and bike improvements on Shepherd Road.