Top ten summer readers named

The Camas Public Library has announced its top 10 readers

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This year, for the kids program, they are: Megan Pitcher, 16,766 minutes; Jasmine Guirado, 14,275 minutes; Rachel Jung, 14,260 minutes; Sarah Wells-Moran, 13,570 minutes; Collin Mason: 11,882 minutes; Maddy Wood, 11,700 minutes; Aubrey Johnson, 10,000 minutes; Nathaniel McBride, 9,665 minutes; Raveena Bhui, 9,500 minutes; Daniel Fan, 8,700 minutes.

Top readers for the teen program are: Tim Grote, 17,000 minutes; Shannon Wells-Moran, 14,576 minutes; Sierah Cain, 13,800 minutes; Emma LeFevre, 11,400 minutes; Makayala Jacobs, 11,280 minutes; John Grall, 10,976 minutes; Cassidy Gordon, 9,470; Heaven Lenderman, 8,730; Rachel Martschinske, 8,680 and Noah Thompson, 8,539.