‘E’ Street work is underway

Project completion is expected in August 2011

As a crew from NW Natural Gas replaces a gas line under “E” Street, motorists have endured slower speeds and stoppages while under the direction of traffic control employees.

Flaggers from K & D Services were recently directing traffic outside “A” Your Town Chimney Inc., 2126 “E” St.

Marsha Dilley is the co-owner of the fireplace and stove shop with her husband Dan.

“This is our busy season,” she said. “I think they are trying really hard to make sure our customers can get in and out [of the parking lot]. They have to keep safety in mind too.”

The “E” Street project will include conversion of the road width to two through-lanes and a center left turn lane, as well as bike lanes and sidewalks from Sixth to 32nd streets.

“I think bike lanes are ridiculous,” Dilley said. “You won’t catch me out here — bike lane or no bike lane.

“One lane will be safer for pedestrians, so both sides will stop,” she added.

Dilley said it is currently difficult to get out in the traffic during the evening rush hour.

“When I leave, there is a steady stream of cars with no break,” she said. “The light at E Street and 17th works. The others are on timers.”

Dilley is looking forward to getting a sidewalk on her business’ side of the street.

The $8.17 million E Street project is expected to be completed in August 2011. Funding sources include the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board ($2.795 million), City of Washougal and Transportation Impact fees paid by developers ($1.455 million), federal funding ($2.02 million) and the Clark County Community Development Block Grant Program ($300,000).

The first part of the project’s planning schedule currently underway includes installation of new sidewalks and a curb and gutter from Sixth to 17th streets and the replacing of water utilities from 12th to 32nd Street.

For more information, visit www.ci.washougal.wa.us.