Schmid land could be housing, restaurant site

George Schmid & Sons buildings were demolished in May

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The former offices of George Schmid & Sons, Inc., were demolished in May. The land at 1407 32nd St., in Washougal, is the proposed site for housing and commercial development.

The land in Washougal that used to bustle with the activity of bulldozers and other excavation machinery sits quietly these days — following the demolition of the George Schmid & Sons, Inc. offices.

The demolition in May has made room for a planned unit development that could include residential and commercial development at 1407 32nd St., in Washougal. The Schmid Family Limited Partnership II, which owns the land, has received preliminary plat approval for a 68-lot subdivision and planned unit development.

The proposal would involve dividing the western portion of the site into 25 lots for single-family attached dwellings (town homes), as well as 11.3 acres of open space and a .66-acre parcel for future commercial development. The applicant has proposed to divide the eastern portion of the site into 42 lots for single-family detached dwellings.

Although it has not been determined what business would occupy the commercial area, Kevin Schmid said Monday it has been mentioned as a potential restaurant site if there is enough vehicle traffic to support it.

He is the owner of Schmid & Sons, Inc., a home-based business that provides commercial and residential excavation services as well as installation and replacement of water systems and infrastructure. The company was incorporated in April 2009.

Schmid & Sons’ projects have included replacing the existing sewer lines at the Alta Vista Apartments; and finishing up roadwork at Boyer Market Place, both in Vancouver.

The majority of the approximately 75 employees at George Schmid & Sons, Inc., lost their jobs by Nov. 30, 2009.

Three years ago, the company employed up to 125 individuals.

“There have been difficulties in picking up jobs,” Schmid said in April 2009. “Housing developments pretty much stopped. Commercial projects are slowing down. The public works sector is pretty steady, but more people are bidding.”

George Schmid & Sons, which started as a sole proprietorship in 1958, was incorporated into a family business in 1990. It had been located at the same site along 32nd St., since its inception. George Schmid passed away in 1999. His widow, Emma Schmid, decided to retire last year.

George Schmid & Sons had been involved in excavation and site development work on several large local projects including Evergreen Marketplace and Bi-Mart, in Washougal; and Camas Safeway. Kevin, the youngest of George and Emma’s children, served as the company’s president.