New Washougal business is ‘Over the Top’

Teriyaki restaurant offers healthy food options

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Washougal residents Jeff and Kim Howard recently opened a restaurant in their hometown. Prior to opening last week, a number of improvements were made to the site including replacing the plumbing, installation of custom cabinets and the creation of signs by local businesses.

With photos of windsurfing and kiteboarding from the Gorge covering the walls, Over The Top Teriyaki fits right in with its surroundings.

Jeff and Kim Howard, both of Washougal, decided they wanted to open their first restaurant, a place with great tasting food that was healthy, a hard combination to come by with all the fast food chains around the area.

“We wanted no deep frying, and to stay away from fats and grease,” said Jeff. “The way we cook and the quality of our food sets us apart.”

After researching the best options for his kitchen, Jeff decided on the Rational Self Cooking Center. A substitute for an oven, broiler, grill and steamer, the “combi-oven” is something that would cook healthy, fresh food fast, and would taste better, while saving money and electricity.

“One thing we wanted to accomplish here is consistency,” said Howard. “The combi-oven will accomplish this and will also cut down on labor and waste.”

Eight split shift employees work at Over The Top Teriyaki. The resturaunt is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The Howards have leased the former site of Bellagio’s Pizza at 3307 Evergreen Way, Ste. 304, located adjacent to the Washougal Safeway. After several months of hard work, the restaurant received a major face lift. The plumbing was replaced, custom cabinets and signs built by local businesses were installed, and the kitchen, serving and seating areas were all deep cleaned.

Because of their hard work, Over The Top Teriyaki received a perfect rating from the Health Department, something that, “brought a tear to my wife’s eye,” said Jeff.

The menu features items such as brown rice, noodles, prawns, lean steak, and many other choices, with the restaurant’s specialty being its chicken breast.

“We wanted to be able to serve a chicken breast that was better than anyone else,” said Howard.

This will be accomplished by cooking the chicken in the “rational oven.” The chicken will be cooked with moisture, along with consistent temperature, and an internal computer can tell when the chicken is cooked to perfection.

A variety of sauces can be found at the sauce bar. It features teriyaki, sweet and sour, mandarin, chiliyaki, barbecue, curry, and peanut sauce.

Meal prices range from $5 to $8.50.

Close to Washougal High School, the location, prices, and hours will suit the local students and public.

“We are also willing to stay open later for high school events and sports,” said Jeff.

Over The Top Teriyaki opened its doors last week, and will have a delayed grand opening event.

For more information, call (360) 210-5950.