A day to be a proud parent

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The pictures tell the story.

For most graduates, the end of their high school careers very likely brings a flood of emotions. From excitement that it’s all finally over and relief to at least have a bit of a break from the daily academic grind, to anticipation for what the future might hold and maybe a little bit of fear about making those big decisions that can truly impact the direction their lives will take, the feelings truly run the gamut.

Scanning photos from both ceremonies held this past weekend, all of those emotions and more are clearly visible on the faces of the Camas and Washougal seniors as they took the step that would take them from high schoolers with “Senioritis” to full fledged “graduates.”

And we can’t forget the parents, who in a manner of speaking have also gone through the high school journey every step of the way. They deserve to feel proud that their children have reached such an important life milestone. And based on the laughter and tears seen from many of them on graduation night, they do.

In today’s Hometown section of the print edition of the Post-Record, we’ve got a full page of photos and an article detailing highlights from the WHS and CHS graduations. In addition, you’ll find many more photos from both events on our newly re-designed website at

The pictures truly do tell the story, just see for yourself.

— Heather Acheson