Senior citizens are active

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When you really take a close look, senior citizens are truly the backbone of our society.

Many have contributed immensely throughout their lifetimes. Whether through a career, raising a family, or community outreach, in their possession are the life experiences, knowledge and wisdom that most of us are working toward gaining — mostly through trial and error — whether we want to admit it or not.

The most wonderful thing about many senior citizens in Camas and Washougal today is that when they hit that age of retirement — whether that age is 50, 55 or 60, 70 and beyond — they are doing much more than sitting back watching the grass grow. These individuals are truly active and engaged.

And that’s the focus of a special section in today’s Post-Record. “Mature Lifestyles,” takes a look at how local men and women spend their time later in life. It is a tribute of sorts to our local senior citizens, whether they are working in a career, teaching exercise classes, taking trips to interesting locales or simply spending time trying to make their community a better place.

Most of the seniors profiled are even looking to further expand their own horizons, as evidenced by comments from Gail Hitchcock, who with her husband Bob will be honored during Camas Days for their dedication to community volunteerism.

“When you’re out there volunteering, it opens your eyes to new experiences,” Gail said. “You learn a lot from these experiences, as well. It’s really rewarding.”

To learn more about what the Hitchcocks and other “mature citizens” are up to in Camas and Washougal, take a glance at “Mature Lifestyles.”