Time to fulfill the promises

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Promises, promises, promises.

Voters heard a lot of those during the recent election season. There were promises for change, promises to create more jobs, and promises to reduce government spending and taxes, solve the budget crisis, and find a remedy for the health care situation. “We are going to represent the people we’ve been elected to serve,” they have all said in one form or another.

We heard it all through television and newspaper ads, candidate forums, direct phone calls and visits from candidates, and through solicitations disguised as “public opinion surveys.”

By Nov. 2, most of us were beyond the point of having had more than enough of all of the rhetoric and repeated catch phrases.

Now comes the time for the public to critically watch and evaluate as the candidates who won their seats take the reins and put actions in the place of words on glossy mailers. Those county, state and federal elected leaders are Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart, 18th District State Representative Ann Rivers, 15th District State Representatives Bruce Chandler and Paul Spencer, and Third Congressional District Representative Jaime Herrera.

Citizens no doubt are anxious to see just what the future brings in the coming years, as these elected officials and their peers tackle one of the most difficult economic time periods in recent history. Time will tell if all of those promises really do become reality.