Educational foundation seeking grant proposals

Applications for each category are due Jan. 14

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The Camas Educational Foundation is preparing to launch its 2010-11 grant cycle. One of the programs the non-profit supports is the Science Olympiad, as seen in this photo.

The Camas Educational Foundation recently announced the launch of its 2010-11 grant cycle.

CEF grants are intended for innovative programs that improve the quality and level of student learning. CEF offers two categories of grants, mini grants and major grants.

CEF is seeking applications for its mini grants and major grants, each of which supports programs that directly and actively engage Camas students. The initial application deadline for each grant category is Friday, Jan. 14.

Application forms and information can be found on the CEF website,

A summary of each grant cateory is listed below:

CEF mini grants

o Total 2010-11 allocation: $25,000

o The maximum award for each grant: $1,500

o Anyone can submit a grant application.

o Mini grants are a way to pilot a program for future major grant consideration.

o Applications for the exact same program for more than three consecutive years will receive a lower priority.

o Mini grant awards will be announced in February. Grant award funds can be used anytime after this date, to include the end of the 2010-11 school year.

CEF major grants

o Total 2010-11 allocation: $25,000

o The money could be awarded to a single award recipient or split amongst multiple grant recipients.

o Anyone can submit an application.

o Major grants are intended for strategic educational programs. Often, these strategic programs involve multiple schools and/or grade levels. Priority will be given to programs that involve a high percentage of students.

o Proposals for programs that have proven successful through a prior year’s mini grant award or other means will be given higher priority.

o Major grant awards will be announced by June. Major grant awards are typically for programs that will begin in the 2011-12 school year.

Applicants can submit CEF major and mini grant proposals simultaneously for the same program, at different dollar amounts. However, only one CEF grant for the same program will be awarded per year.

Grant awards from 2009-10 include Science Olympiad, Academic Coaching for Learning Success, The Jungle, audio books, compound microscopes, Reality Care Babies, Challenge Day, Natural Helpers program, and the Barton Reading and Spelling System, among others.