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U.S. Representative Third Congressional District: Vote for Denny Heck

The U.S. Representative Third Congressional District race has at times been contentious, and with just a week before Election Day it is being deemed by many as “too close to call.” In this neck-and-neck battle, the Post-Record recommends Denny Heck to fill the pivotal seat in Congress.

Olympia resident Heck, 58, brings to the table a significant amount of political experience and private sector business success that will serve him and the district well in these challenging economic times.

Heck grew up in Clark County and served four terms in the state Legislature representing the 17th District, was former Gov. Booth Gardner’s chief of staff, co-founded TVW in 1993, the state’s public affairs television network, and for the last 10 years has been a private sector entrepreneur.

To his credit, as part of his platform Heck lends support to the concept of continuing to move toward investing in renewable energy and creating clean energy projects and green jobs for a uniquely skilled workforce. He also supports fostering small business growth through targeted tax incentives, and opposes providing tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.

Heck’s opponent Jaime Herrera, 31, began serving as 18th District State Representative position in 2008. While she possesses intelligence and enthusiasm, she just doesn’t have the breadth of experience that is necessary to represent the Third District successfully at the Congressional level.

Vote Denny Heck for the Third Congressional District.

Clark County Commissioner: Vote for Stuart

Steve Stuart gets our vote for re-election to Clark County Commission. Stuart, who grew up in Clark County, has an impressive record on the commission since his initial appointment in December 2004. Along with the two other commission members, Stuart helped lead the difficult process of implementing significant and necessary cuts to the county’s budget, reducing spending by 22 percent during the past few years and finding efficiencies where desperately needed.

As far as local issues go, Stuart understands the importance of continually working to make the business permitting process more user friendly, and creating available land so that more jobs can be brought to the area.

In comparison, his opponent Alan Svehaug doesn’t seem to bring much to the political table. His primary focus is campaigning against bridge tolls. And while he is quick to point out what he views as the county’s problems, he provides few new ideas or solutions to address the issues.

Vote to re-elect Steve Stuart.

State Representative 18th Legislative District: Vote for Rivers

Ann Rivers is the right choice for the State Representative 18th District seat.

During her campaign, Rivers has not been one to sit back and rely on key words and catch phrases. She has presented a plan and is open to giving specifics and promoting her ideas. Rivers’ recommendation to form a blue ribbon, bi-partisan commission to review policies and make sure government has streamlined, efficient processes that will lead to expansion of the private sector is one example of this.

Her opponent Dennis Kampe, who has been the longtime leader of the Clark County Skills Center, has a stellar record in the educational field. This, however, does not necessarily translate to given success in politics.

Rivers deserves citizens’ votes for State Representative in the 18th District.

Re-elect Taylor, Chandler for 15th District

Current 15th District state representatives David Taylor (Position 2) and Bruce Chandler (Position 1) should be re-elected. Both men have served the district well, and seem well tapped into the needs, backgrounds and opinions of the people living in their largely rural district.

While we applaud their opponents for throwing their hats into the ring, Paul Spencer and Tom Silva have failed to provide truly specific ideas or real-world, realistic solutions for what they have listed as the top issue in the 15th District: jobs.