Washougal council approves public works bonds

Funded projects include 'E' Street waterline replacement

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Many water, sewer and storm water projects in Washougal are expected to be paid for with bonds.

City council members approved the issuance of water and sewer revenue bonds in the amount of $16.1 million, during their April 18 meeting. The vote was 6 to 1, with Michael Delavar voting against it.

He mentioned “the nation is in serious economic throes” with a buy now, pay later mentality.

Councilman Rod Morris said he supported the bonds because “the bidding climate is better.”

“Interest rates will go up,” he added. “It is prudent to pass tonight.”

Council member Jon Russell said he supported the issuing of bonds rather than accepting federal stimulus grant money — a move he described as “a big no no.”

Paul Greenlee said the council members are “stewards for the future of the city.”

“Now is the time to buy,” he said. “Interest rates are low. Construction costs are low.”

Councilwoman Jennifer McDaniel mentioned that the city’s water and sewer systems are aging.

“Facilities are close to or at capacity,” she said.

Funded projects are expected to include the “E” Street waterline replacement ($1.2 million), zone 4 reservoir construction ($2.27 million) and “W” Street waterline construction ($1.1 million). The $84,000 expansion of the city’s sewer utility shop and storm water projects throughout the city are also included on the funding list.