Continue to integrate the old with the new

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In our world today, much of the attention in the business world is often focused on the “new.”

Sometimes, there is good reason for that. In Camas and Washougal, local residents are venturing out and opening new businesses on what seems like a weekly basis. These entrepreneurs are working to support the local economy by taking a chance and often taking the opportunity to add something special to the local area — giving the cities’ residents more options within arm’s reach.

But, it should also be noted that there are many instances where both cities are integrating the “old” along with the “new.”

Two businesses in downtown Camas recently celebrated 100 years of operation. Straub’s Funeral Home and the Camas Hotel — as detailed in the Post-Record — have both undergone changes, upgrades and additions over the years to keep up with modern times and demands, but both remain dedicated to preserving their history as well. In addition, the Downtown Camas Association has made historic preservation a priority. Other similar stories can be found in the community as well.

Washougal highlights its history with streets renamed to honor its pioneers. The history-laden Pendleton Woolen Mill is a feature of the downtown area, and the Two Rivers Heritage Museum nearby is packed with information, artifacts and memories from days gone by.

Much has changed in Camas and Washougal during the past century, but these kinds of efforts to recognize the events and people from the past should continue as we move forward into the future. It’s what makes our communities truly unique.