Donate blood: One way to prepare for the unexpected

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If this past week’s traumatic events in Washougal have taught us anything, it might be that life can take some tragic and unexpected turns, and put us in situations we never imagined possible. The truth is, we really never know what may lie just around that corner or behind that door.

But there are ways to prepare for some of the devastating situations we and others encounter in life.

A story on page A6 of today’s Post-Record profiles a local father and son who are doing their part to help make sure that when a medical emergency happens, resources provided by organizations like the American Red Cross and the Puget Sound Blood Center will be available.

Jim and Joel Boline, a retired Camas paper mill worker and his son, have donated blood multiple times, and they are hoping to inspire other local residents to do the same. They say blood donations are especially needed during the holidays.

“Donations tend to go down, but the demand is constant,” Jim said. “A lot of supplies are at almost critical levels.”

According to Teresa Rodriguez of the American Red Cross Blood Donor Center in Vancouver, one pint of donated blood is enough to save three individual lives. The need for blood is critical and in too short supply during the winter months, she said, when accidents and bad weather are most common.

Unfortunately, unexpected tragedies can happen at any time. While the police, paramedics and firefighters do their part to respond, each of us has the opportunity do our part as well, and make sure blood resources are available to those who need them.

To make an appointment to donate blood, visit