Fulfilling a basic need

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Positively impacting local children will be the focus of an upcoming dinner and auction organized by the Camas-Washougal Soroptimists.

The event, set for Saturday at the Camas Community Center, will support the East County Resource Center’s Weekend Backpack Program. Through donations and other support, children who might otherwise not be fed over the weekends when they don’t have access to school lunches are given nourishment they can easily assemble on their own. Donated backpacks are filled with items like peanut butter, pancake mix, crackers, cereal, snacks, applesauce, fruit snacks, fruit cups and canned goods such as ravioli and spaghetti.

This is one of those unique charitable events, where participants can truly know that they are helping local youth in need — right here in Camas and Washougal. In this case, providing for a basic human need — food, so children can fill their bellies and avoid being hungry.

According to an article in today’s Post-Record, children who are able to take part in this program see other benefits as well. Without having to worry about where their next meal will be coming from, students can focus on the task at hand while at school — getting the most out of their education and setting the foundation with hope for a better life ahead.

It’s heartbreaking to think that any child would be in a situation where they aren’t being properly fed, but it’s an unfortunate reality even in our small communities. This program steps in and fills the gap, and is making a true positive impact in the most basic way on children in our local communities. And fundraisers like the one organized by the Soroptimists on Saturday are necessary to make sure it continues.