Citizens can help guide planning process

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It’s not very often that residents of a city in the year 2011 have the opportunity to truly impact how it will look years down the road.

For good or for bad, many cities are established, and there are few opportunities for input that will truly shape things to come. But Camas and Washougal are growing municipalities — works in progress, with open land and other opportunities for positive growth and change. They present unique opportunities for residents.

Just recently the city of Washougal began an intensive effort aimed at creating a 20-year strategic plan, which will provide a map for how the city will deal with issues including providing recreation opportunities and parks, delivering code enforcement and emergency services, approaching street maintenance andpossible future downtown revitalization efforts and maintaining and even enhancing quality of life.

Decisions on these topics will not be made by a small group of city officials crowded around a desk inside City Hall. Washougal has plans in place for obtaining input from citizens representing a number of different elements of the community. From business owners, and leaders of non-profit groups to the average citizen who simply calls Washougal home, all are set to be included in the process.

A number of organized outreach events aimed at soliciting input are scheduled, with details available in an article in today’s Post-Record, and at the city’s website at Washougal citizens should capitalize on this process and let city officials know what Washougal — the Gateway to the Gorge — should look like in the years to come.