School notes for March 15, 2011

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Phone-a-thon raises $14,000

The Camas Educational Foundation’s 10th annual Phone-a-thon was a success despite a snow day, according to president Ron Gompertz.

“We’d planned on three nights, but lost one due to the district-wide snow day,” Gompertz said. “With a lot of hustle and an amazing team of volunteers, sponsors and middle school students, we raised over $14,000 in two nights. Once again, the Camas community sent a strong message that they support innovation in the school district.”

CEF is sending follow-up e-mails to those who weren’t at home when the students called. Anyone interested in donating can do so at

CEF is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that supports enhanced curriculum across the Camas School District.

CHS student organizes blood drive

Camas High School senior Brayden Meyer is organizing a blood drive for soldiers and veterans for his senior project.

The drive will take place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, March 23 at the Jackson Armory, 6255 N.E. Cornfoot Drive, Portland, Ore. It is being held there due to restrictions on where blood drives for U.S. soldiers may take place. The Armory is located on the south side of Portland International Airport at the Air National Guard facility.

Meyer was inspired to do the project after his cousin, who is a U.S. Army Ranger, was injured in Afghanistan and required a blood transfusion. During his cousin’s stay at Madigan Army Hospital in Tacoma, Meyer was made aware of the need for blood donations for soldiers.

During times of conflict, military branches often have to purchase blood products from civilian blood collection agencies, which can cost several hundred dollars a pint.

When giving blood to these agencies, such as the Red Cross, donors cannot direct the donation to the military.

The Armed Services Blood Program collects, processes, stores, and distributes blood products for service members in both peace and war. One pint can save up to three service members. Potential donors can register the day of the blood drive or pre-register at

For more information, contact Meyer at

Cape Horn-Skye names Super Citizens

Cape Horn-Skye Elementary School recently recognized its February Super Citizens for excellence in science. They are: Abe Busschau, Alex Bedjan, Ashley Haldy, Austin Seekins, Carson Adams, Carter Rodgers, Cassidy Ault, Charles Hendrick, Chase Anderson, Connor Kaldenberg, Connor Norvell, Daniel Caldwell, Denny O’Harra, Dylan Davis, Dylan McFall, Gage Jones, Halle Hopkins, Hayden Zumwalt, Hunter Kaldenberg, James Beard, Jayden Barnett, Jesenia Reyes-Cruz, Jesten Mclean, Jordan Rockwell, Kiley Conley, Leather Bliss, Levi Kitchen, Logan Large, Logan Reijonen, Luke Golphenee, Madison Gehrke, Megan Stogin, Michael Peck, Neil Lockard, Nick Grant, Nikko Kautz, Nole Thompson, Paige Guthmiller, R.J. Hansen, Ryan Dinnel, Rylee Erdwins, Sam Shiluk, Sarah-Ann Oster, Silas Grant, Tanner Coletrane, Tyler Drake, Wyatt Grindy and Wyatt Kreighbaum.

Kindergartners named “excellent citizens” were Amber Rockwell, Brayden Yoes, Ines Cruz, Joshua Grant, Lilli Truelove, Mallory Slot, Megan West and Riley Harding.

Hathaway students host music program

Fourth- and fifth-graders at Hathaway Elementary School, 630 24th St., Washougal, will perform a music program at 7 p.m. Thursday in the gymnasium.

Outstanding Clark alumni sought

The Clark College Alumni Association is now accepting nominations for the 2011 Outstanding Alumni Award. Since 1978, the college has recognized 25 individuals.

The award is given to alumni for their, “exceptional service to Clark College, exemplary service to the community, and personal and professional achievements.” The recipient is announced at the annual Alumni-Student Dinner on June 9.

To nominate a candidate by the March 31 deadline, go to or call 992-2301.