Port hosts emergency drill today

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The area around Building 14 in the Port of Camas-Washougal Industrial Park is expected to be a bit more active than usual during a mock emergency drill.

The port is planning to participate in simulated disaster and response efforts today, from 7 a.m. to noon, at 3801 S. Truman St., Washougal. Responding agencies will include the Camas and Washougal police and fire departments, as well as East County Fire and Rescue.

The drill is expected to include simulated smoke.

“Since the flood of 1996, the port has not suffered a major disaster and our intent is to be prepared in advance for whatever might occur,” said Port Executive Director David Ripp. “By combining our response efforts in a mock disaster with local emergency response personnel, our hope is that together we’ll be better organized to provide a proactive response in a real disaster.”

The cost of having an emergency plan completed by Select, Inc., and the mock drill will be $10,200, according to Port Communications Director Jack Hardy.

The purpose of the drill will be to test emergency response, communications, strategy and tactical efforts by port staff, in conjunction with local emergency response crews. The drill will be staged at the east end of the industrial park, using port buildings, smoke machines and volunteer actors who will portray victims.

For more information, call Port Finance Director and Auditor Kim Noah at 835-2196, Ext. 111, or email