Hayes Freedom is named a Community Pride Design winner

Affordable housing complex in Washougal also receives honorable mention

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Among the energy efficiency elements of Hayes Freedom High School is its use of solar panels. The roof is sloped to the south to take advantage of 2,500 square feet of the photovoltaic panels. The design produces 16 watts of power per square foot at peak hour, and up to 40 kilowatts of electricity, which equals 43,200 KW-hours per year, saving $3,100 in electric bills.

Hayes Freedom High School in Camas will be among six facilities honored later this month as part of the annual Community Pride Design Awards.

The projects are being recognized for their innovative approach to historic restoration, sustainability, community enhancement, public facilities and commercial development.

Completed in July 2010, the Camas School District’s Hayes Freedom High School is a 20,500-square-foot, 200-student capacity alternative high school located on Northeast Ione Street.

It is a net-zero-ready designed building, with extensive energy conservation measures, and solar panels on the roof which are connected to the grid through a net metering program with Clark Public Utilities.

Camas School District Superintendent Mike Nerland said from concept to completion, Hayes Freedom has been a unique project.

“The design of Hayes-Freedom is a direct result of a collaborative effort that included input from students, staff and community members,” he said. “The use of energy efficient technology built into the design of the school is now being utilized by staff to teach students about energy conservation, sustainability, and alternative energy sources. In essence, Hayes-Freedom High School is not only a beautiful, energy efficient school designed to enhance student learning, the building itself also serves as an authentic teaching tool for staff.”

The state provided about $2.4 million for the construction of the school, with a 2007 local voter-approved bond covering about $3.9 million.

Principal Amy Holmes said the award highlights the hard work and attention to detail that went into the planning and construction of the school, which currently has a population of 153 students in grades nine through 12.

“We are honored and proud that Hayes Freedom is receiving this award,” she said. “I enjoyed working with our architects to create a learning environment that serves our students and the mission of our school. This award validates the design process that included an intentional mindfulness of important details related to our journey as a school.”

Also being recognized with honorable mention status is the Gateway Gardens Apartment complex on Addy Street in Washougal. Formerly known as Bethea Park Estates, the Affordable Community Environments project underwent a major $1.8 million renovation.

Other 2011 award winners include Vancouver projects Artillery Barracks at Fort Vancouver, McCallister Village, Oliva Family Early Learning Center, Sigma Design and the Vancouver Community Library. Columbia Springs Cordwood Classroom earned an honorable mention.

The free public awards ceremony will be held Thursday, Nov. 10, in the sixth-floor hearing room of the Public Service Center, 1300 Franklin St,, Vancouver. Refreshments will be served at 2:30 p.m. The ceremony will start at 3 p.m.

Community Pride Design Awards were established in 1996 by several local public and private organizations as a way to recognize buildings, development and civic improvements that have had positive impacts on the community.

Other local projects that have received Community Pride Design recognition include the Camas Hotel in 2009, Capt. William Clark Park in 2008, the Camas Public Library in 2004, the Jack, Will and Rob Youth Center in 2003, the Sandy Swimming Hole in 1999, and WaferTech in 1998.