On the sidelines: Dome Day

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The Papermaker football players get the Camas crowd roaring with their tribal dance Friday, at the Tacoma Dome.

2 p.m. — The Papermakers are in the middle of a pre-game walkthrough and warm up at Tumwater High School Stadium, just outside of Olympia. Only another 32 miles to the Tacoma Dome. They are almost there.

2:10 — Got my note pad, camera, press pass, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a bag of Cheez-Its and a Cherry Coke. Ready to hit the road. Let’s do this!

3:35 — Check engine light on in car. Getting it checked out in Longview. Can any one stop and give me a ride? I don’t have time for this.

4:25 — About an hour later, I’m back on the road. “Are You Gonna Go My Way” is blasting through the speakers. There’s no stopping me now.

6:00 — Whew! I made it with an hour to spare. Just saw Camas on the Tacoma Dome readerboard. Pretty cool!

6:30 — Camas is on the field, and the Papermaker fight song is playing.

6:45 — Walking on the Tacoma Dome football turf for the first time in my life. If I’m getting chills down my spine, imagine what the Papermakers are feeling.

7:00 — Ten … nine … eight … seven … six, five … four, three … two … one. And the kick is off. Let’s play some football!

First quarter

It only takes a minute and a half for the Camas defense to force O’Dea to punt.

O’ Dea intercepts Camas pass in the red zone.

Anthony Fallin recovers fumble for Camas. Papermakers are driving at end of first quarter.

Second quarter

Camas goes up 3-0 on a 22-yard field goal by Roldan Alcobendas.

Tipped pass by Camas defender ends up in the hands of an O’Dea receiver. There is nobody around to stop from running all the way for a touchdown. O’Dea takes a 7-3 lead.

Just heard Camas running back Zack Marshall has a dislocated thumb. He is on his way to the hospital and will not return to the game.

Zach Eagle makes a sensational 16-yard catch for Camas. O’Dea then picks off another Camas pass. It almost looked like the same play, and O’Dea wasn’t fooled.

Five first downs lead O’Dea into the end zone with 55 seconds left in the half.

Nate Beasley snaps off a 23-yard run. Alcobendas attempts a 47-yard field goal with three seconds on the clock, but the kick does not have enough power.


O’Dea goes into the locker room up 14-3. The Camas defense can only do so much. The offense needs to get in a groove.

The comeback begins

Camas starts of the third quarter in style. Dalton DeBord returns the kickoff for 14 yards. Tony Gennaro finds Jonathan Warner wide open for a 55-yard touchdown. Camas cuts the lead to 4.

Beasley big 37-yard run after Camas gets ball back. John Payne stretches out for a 29-yard catch. Camas losses a bunch of yards on plays in the red zone. Alcobendas nails a 38-yard field goal. Camas trails O’Dea by only one point.

End of third quarter — O’Dea 14, Camas 13

That’s as close as Camas could get. O’Dea wins 21-13. Hats off to the Papermakers. They left their hearts and souls on the field.

The first day of the next season starts tomorrow.

See you on the sidelines.