Camas schools rocket to the top at Science Olympiad

Grass Valley earns two top group awards

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A love of all things science was on display during the Elementary Science Olympiad at Clark College.

During the popular event, students in grades three through five participated in five different events that had them exploring science topics.

Groups representing Camas schools fared well. Grass Valley Elementary earned “Top Group” status in two events including Metric Mastery and Paper Rockets.

In Metric Mastery, students demonstrated proper use of various measuring devices for different objects using metric units, while Paper Rockets had each group building, testing and flying a paper rocket using only specific materials provided to students. Scores were based on longest distance and most accurate flight.

Grass Valley teacher and Science Olympiad coach Kim Brouillet said the competition allows students the opportunity to put into practice a variety of skills, in addition to offering scientific challenges.

“The kids at Grass Valley really enjoy the spirit of competition that Elementary Science Olympiad provides,” Brouillet said. “They develop skills that contribute to cohesive teamwork, cooperation and good sportsmanship. They also really love the scientific challenges presented by the competition. It is a great experience for our students.”

Dorothy Fox Elementary snagged Top Group honors in the “Pondering Powders” category, where participants were asked to make observations and identify common white household powders.

Other local elementary schools participating included Prune Hill and Lacamas Heights.

According to Clark College’s Barbara Kerr, executive director of communications and marketing, during the Nov. 19 event, there were a total of 270 students competing on 19 teams from 18 different schools representing seven school districts. Seventy-seven volunteers, including Clark faculty, staff and students, helped out at the fourth-annual competition.