Another weight loss success story: Washougal woman drops 52 pounds

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Carol Englund of Washougal has lost 52 pounds in the past year. Below is the 47-year-old woman’s story in a question-and-answer format.

Current weight: 138

Heaviest weight: 190

How much did you lose and how long did it take?

I have lost 52 pounds so far. It has taken me about a year to do this. I still have about eight pounds to lose to be at my goal weight.

What was your “ah ha” moment?

When I was outgrowing my current size 16 clothes, and said, “No more. I am done being this heavy.” I wanted to be able to enjoy the time I spend with my grandson without getting tired and looking the way I did. Now I can do that.

How did you go about losing the weight?

I heard an advertisement on the radio for Metabolic Research Center and went to them for a consultation and decided to sign up on their plan. I like it because you eat real food and learn a lifestyle change. They are so supportive and help you all the time if you need it. They also help you with maintenance for a year after you reach your goal.

What was the most difficult part?

Changing my eating habits and staying positive that I could do this.

Why did you use LasikPlus as a reward for your weight loss?

I have worn glasses or contacts since I was in the third-grade and I had wanted to have the LasikPlus surgery. This was my first non-food reward when I reached my halfway goal.

What is the best part of being at a healthy weight?

The energy I have, I can keep up better with my 3-year-old grandson and my husband is so proud of me. I feel so much better and I have more confidence in myself now.