Reading together

Lacamas Heights kicks off all-school read with Birds of Prey assembly

It has been shown in numerous studies that children whose parents read with them at a young age are better equipped in school later on.

Lacamas Heights Elementary is hoping to encourage this by having an “all school read” every fall.

This year, students and their parents (or guardians) will read the book, “Poppy,” about a tiny deer mouse who must outwit her biggest enemy, a great horned owl.

“We were able to provide a book for every Lacamas family and every classroom thanks to a grant by the Camas Educational Foundation,” kindergarten teacher Chris McIvor said. “We will be reading the book over the next month.”

In addition, CEF provided the schools with a grant of $500 to pay for the Oregon Zoo to bring in the “Birds of Prey” presentation, which included the chance for students to see raptors up close and watch them soar overhead.

“Students had an opportunity to learn about birds from around the world, including some from the Pacific Northwest,” McIvor said. “We especially enjoyed the owls, and we used the assemblies to kick off our all-school reading program.”

McIvor added that the assemblies created excitement about reading the book and helped to encourage greater family participation.

The all-school reading event will conclude with a Family Reading Night on Friday, Nov. 4, which will include literacy and science activities.