Letter: Citizens, not corporations, need help

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Recently, Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke said Vancouver city officials are considering requesting cancellation of a $4.4 million debt owed to the county, a debt related to the Hilton hotel. This is yet another example of a bailout for a wealthy corporation.

Government, be it local, state or federal, has no problem bailing out the rich while throwing the working people of the country under the bus.

House Resolution 365, now in subcommittee, would provide a bailout for the rest of us by canceling student loans and forcing reductions in home mortgage balances. Co-sponsoring or supporting this legislation would give Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, an opportunity to demonstrate that she actually represents the working citizens of her district and not simply Wall Street, like the rest of her party.

Kevin J. McElrath