Jamie Forslund and Kory Huffman are married at Washougal Motocross Park

The ride of their lives

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Five years ago Kory Huffman and Jamie Forslund met at an American Motocross Association national race in Washougal.Forslund and her friends were chatting with Huffman’s friends, who introduced the two. They’d both attended Washougal High School, but graduated in different years and didn’t really know each other well.

Following a barbecue later that evening, they were inseparable.

“I liked his smile, his sweetness and how he takes care of me,” she said.

Huffman keeps it simple: “She knew how to have fun,” he said. “And I’m all about that.”

So after Huffman asked her to marry him, it only seemed appropriate that they should tie the knot in the same place they met.

On Saturday, July 28, that’s exactly what Huffman and Forslund did. Almost 5 years to the day of their first meeting, surrounded by family, friends and their 3-year-old son, Kamron, the two pledged to love, honor and support one another through good times and bad.

For Huffman, 24, having his wedding at the Motocross was something he’d always wanted to do.

“My family [grandparents] owns [Washougal MX Park] and I’ve seen a lot of weddings up here,” he said. “I thought it would be fun.”

Forslund, 26, also liked the idea. In addition, the park, owned by Ralph and Carolyn Huffman, didn’t cost anything to rent.

In addition to it being their wedding date, 28 is also Huffman’s motocross race number.

“I haven’t raced in five years because if you get hurt, you can’t pay the bills,” he said. “But I still like to ride other peoples’s bikes for fun.”

Motocross was the theme of the day: The nine groomsmen were decked out in navy blue race shirts, donated by Cycle Gear, where Forslund works. The seven bridesmaids wore off-the-shoulder black cocktail dresses.

Forslund was dressed traditionally in a long, A-line, strapless white gown, with a white flower in her hair. She held a bouquet with flowers in shades of pink and champagne.

Kory wore a black race shirt with his name on the front and motocross logos on the front, sides and back.

When interviewed by the Post-Record the day before their wedding, the couple was excited and bit nervous about the weather, which had taken an unexpectedly cold turn.

“I’m really looking forward to walking down the aisle,” Forslund said.

“I’m looking forward to it finally being here,” Huffman said. “I’ve been waiting a long time.”

Forslund’s mom, Cindy, said that Huffman and her daughter getting married at the Motocross was very much, “them.”

“It’s how they are,” she said with a smile. “Jamie has always been the one who wanted the perfect wedding. I’m proud of both of them, they’ve come a long way. Kory will be a nice addition to the family.”

Post-wedding, on their way to California for a week-long honeymoon, Forslund said, “The wedding was amazing. It was beautiful with all the pretty pink flowers. The pictures turned out amazing. It was perfect.”