Update: Police seek man who approached girl at Camas school

Police say no crime was committed

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The Camas Police Department is reporting that on Tuesday night a student was approached by a stranger at Grass Valley Elementary School during a Community Education basketball practice.

According to police, an adult male was in a hallway and approached an elementary aged female student who was walking alone. He touched her ponytail and made a grunting noise, but as another adult entered the hallway he left the building. No words were exchanged between the man and the girl.

While no crime was committed, Camas Police are currently investigating the incident and are trying to reach the man for questioning.

The man is described as older looking, possibly in his 60s, with gray hair and a gray skinny beard about 5 to 6 inches long. He is approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall, with an average build and has one tattoo of an eagle next to his eye and another tattoo of a flame or feather down the side of his face. He wore a green New York Jets hat and a green letterman-style jacket with white sleeves. Witnesses report he was driving a blue Ford Explorer or Chevy Bronco.

Anyone who has witnessed this person in or around local schools should contact the CPD at 834-4151 or call 911.

In an email sent out by the Camas School District on Thursday, parents and guardians were encouraged to talk to their students about stranger danger. Informational websites include or

This article will be updated as additional information becomes available.