BatheEZ tub is designed for individuals who need assistance

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Jim Hill, of Camas, is the national marketing director for BatheEZ -- a company that sells tubs designed primarily for the physically impaired, as well as senior citizens and children. The tub display, with walls and lighting, is portable for setting up at fairs and shows. The BatheEZ product has been in the development stage for four years.

A local man sells a product that has been in the development stages for four years.

Jim Hill, of Camas, is the national marketing director for BatheEZ, a bath tub insert that fits over an existing tub.

“Our never before seen product will greatly help individuals in the elderly/senior health care industry,” he said. “It is a safe, easy, economical way for the elderly, seniors and physically impaired to take a quality bath.”

The BatheEZ tub insert, manufactured in Redding, Calif., includes a steel frame and sliding door. Compressed air seals the door when the tub is in use, and it takes approximately 20 seconds for the water to drain into the existing tub when the bathing is completed.

Hill said he decided to market the BatheEZ because ‘Baby Boomers’ are moving into the elderly category and some of them are taking care of their very elderly parents.

“Many people cannot afford nursing homes or assisted living homes,” he said. “A lot of elderly are being taken care of by their children. We are able to provide a convenient, economical way to take baths without having to completely remodel their bathrooms.”

Hill and his wife Lonna met the inventor of the BatheEZ, Ted Yoder, at an auto, home and garden show in Redding, in the spring of 2011.

“He needed a marketing arm, to start representing the product,” Hill said.

That included creating a website, logo and brochures. A video on the product’s website involved several of Hill’s family members, portraying individuals of various ages and physical limitations.

In an effort to promote the BatheEZ tub inserts, the Hills network with health care professionals and attend events such as health fairs.

“I am treading on a new industry — the senior health care business,” he said. “We are starting out like a dealer — representing, selling and getting involved in the installation [in the Oregon and Washington area].

“As others become interested in selling the product, we will be able to share our experience,” Hill added. “As it continues to grow — if someone wants to be a dealer in Salt Lake or Seattle — the word gets out more and more, we can present to them a training program and give them input. This is a company in its infancy.”

The cost of a BatheEZ insert is $3,995, plus a plumber’s installation service fee, which can range from $200 to $500. For more information, call 210-4409, email or visit