Letter to Editor for July 3, 2012

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Impressed by David Madore

Most elections I look at the candidates and shake my head, wondering why can’t we do better? Well, now we have an opportunity in a race for County Commissioner.

David Madore is a Navy veteran, engineer and entrepreneur who built a successful, debt-free high-tech manufacturing business which now employs over 100 people in Vancouver. His established business acumen impresses me that he will understand what the county government should and shouldn’t do to foster economic growth.

With a heart for those in need, he provides 30 non-profit agencies free office space at his company’s headquarters. This generosity impresses me that he will keep the interests of people foremost.

As a leader standing up to the Columbia River Crossing juggernaut/boondoggle, his courage impresses me that he will continue to fight for all of Clark County to be allowed a vote on light rail. His intelligence impresses me, asking reasoned, insightful questions and not being fooled by the smooth CRC operatives with their expensive suits and gold cufflinks (paid for by over $100 million of our tax dollars to design a bridge the Coast Guard says is too short).

David Madore doesn’t need this job. But we need him. Vote David Madore for County Commissioner, Position 2 by Aug. 7.

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Douglas Tweet, Camas