Washougal business signage program to be implemented

Two signs are expected to be installed this summer

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The city of Washougal is introducing a new program, aimed at helping motorists locate businesses.

The “Washougal Informational Sign Program” will include the installation of two signs this summer and an additional sign after the state Route 14 widening project is completed.

Interim Public Works Director James Dunn said the signs will be located at “C” Street, between Second and Third streets, Washougal River Road between “A” and Main streets and on 32nd Street between SR-14 and “E” Street.

“They are high volume locations,” he said.

“Businesses approached us,” Dunn added. “It’s an economic development opportunity for us.”

Letters have been sent to businesses, asking if they wanted to participate.

“Based on the response, two of the three signs will be filled,” Dunn said.

The cost to each business will be $41 per year, along with a one-time installation fee of $81.

“It would be a fairly inexpensive way to advertise,” Dunn said.

The city’s cost for each 4 by 8 sign, $3,100, will be paid out of the budget for street operating supplies. City crews will maintain the signs.

For more information, contact Dunn at 835-8501 or