Letter to the Editor for March 6, 2012

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No coal trains in our cities

If the coal companies get their way, there will be 20 or more mile-long coal trains every day going through Camas and Washougal, resulting in coal air pollution, excessive noise, and horrible traffic jams.

I see no benefit to our communities whatsoever.

There are only negatives and no positives for Southwest Washington if coal trains are allowed through the Columbia River Gorge.

Based on estimates provided by BNSF railway company, millions of pounds of coal dust would be deposited in the Columbia Gorge annually by uncovered coal cars. Coal dust harms human health and the environment.

Two to three trains an hour through Camas and Washougal would clog roads and harm the local economy. Just imagine having to wait at a crossing for a mile-long train, listen to its horn at all hours of the day and night, and breathe coal dust.

Please write your state and federal representatives and let the city councils of Camas and Washougal know that we do not want these coal trains going through our cities.

Peter Christ, Camas