Brewery could be a great fit for Washougal

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A brewery and pub in downtown Washougal?

It’s a concept that has been mentioned often when discussions have focused on what types of businesses might do well in the local area.

On Saturday, a move toward making this idea a reality came about when it was announced that North Portland based Amnesia Brewing would be expanding its already successful company to Washougal. Plans call for the new facility, located in the heart of downtown Washougal in an existing building owned by Wes Hickey of Lone Wolf Development, to include a tasting room, pub and brewhouse.

This proposal will add a whole new dimension to what is being offered in downtown Washougal, and has the potential to be an excellent fit with the already existing businesses that include a popular ice cream shop and a restaurant catering to a different type of dining experience.

For those who take their microbrews seriously, and there are many in the Pacific Northwest who do, the Amnesia Brewing location in Washougal has the potential to become a destination spot for beer connoisseurs as well as those local residents who just want to take in a new experience offered right here in their hometown.

This announcement is good news for east Clark County, and for the slow-but-steady revitalization process of downtown Washougal that Hickey envisioned so many years ago and has remained committed to through even bumpy economic times.