Camas residents open Columbia Laser Dentistry

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Dr. Michael Koceja

The owners of a new dental practice in East Vancouver have a second business — Accentuate, in downtown Camas.

Dr. Michael Koceja and his wife Sandra, of Camas, have opened Columbia Laser Dentistry.

The advantages of laser dentistry, according to Dr. Koceja, include precision in filling placement without the vibration and noise from a traditional drill and a faster healing and recovery time. He said laser dentistry minimizes bleeding, swelling and the chance of bacterial infections, and many procedures may not require anesthesia.

Koceja, a 1986 graduate of the Marquette University School of Dentistry, served in the Navy. He trained in all areas of dentistry and had a peridontal fellowship as well as a dental practice in San Marcos, Calif.

Koceja has lectured in the U.S. and overseas about the use of lasers in dentistry. He has achieved mastership level at the World Clinical Laser Institute, where he is a member of the certification committee.

Koceja has written articles about laser dentistry for publications such as “Dentistry Today” and “Interdental.”

He has volunteered with the “Good Samaritans,” a non-profit organization that operates free medical clinics in Baja, Calif.

Columbia Laser Dentistry is located at 217 S.E. 136th Ave., Ste. #103, Vancouver. For more information, call 953-8135, email or visit