Letters to the Editor for Oct. 2, 2012

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Support Shehorn for state legislature

In recent months, I have had the opportunity to become acquainted with David Shehorn, who is running for the State Legislature District 18 House seat.

I have come to find David Shehorn a thoughtful, intelligent, considerate person. He is supported by the Republicans and Democrats as someone who will work to find reasonable solutions to the problems the state is facing.

His background in business gives him the insight to make well-reasoned decisions as problems are being solved. David Shehorn understands the importance of education, infrastructure, a social safety net, and the importance of the environment.

Dave Shehorn has my full support and he needs yours too.

Marc Rappaport, Ridgefield

Pike makes unwise decisions

The Sept. 11 Post-Record article “Candidate’s use of Grove Field parking lot generates complaints” introduced the issue, but missed most of a pretty interesting story.

On Aug. 25, Liz Pike held a fundraiser for her campaign for State Representative, at the home she shares with Neil Cahoon adjacent to the Port of Camas-Washougal’s Grove Field airport. Back in May, her campaign website advertised Grove Field’s parking lot as parking for the event.

When the port learned of this, they emailed Liz explaining that the port did not wish to become involved with political campaigns. They cited Washington Administrative Code 390-05-210 outlining the port’s requirements if they allowed this use of their parking lot. They asked that she make other arrangements for parking.

Liz responded “OK,” and then “Done.”

But Liz went ahead and did it anyway, with Neil in the Grove Field parking lot directing traffic and helping people park, and a shuttle service running between the Grove Field lot and the event at Liz and Neil’s place. She apparently assumed that if she only told her invited guests the port would never know.

But the port found out. After the fact, and to comply with the Washington Administrative Code, they obtained a legal opinion about how to proceed, researched an appropriate fair market value for the use of the lot and required a $50 payment from the Pike campaign. This payment certainly did not cover the Port’s costs. To assure that this did not set a precedent about renting the parking lot, they also required a personal apology from Liz to each of the port commissioners.

Any apologies were quickly negated when Neil showed up at the Sept. 4 port meeting to proclaim that he did not understand why they should have to comply with the port’s restrictions on private use of port property.

We don’t need a representative in Olympia that will tell you what you want to hear, and then go ahead and do whatever they want. Or a representative that insists the rules don’t apply to them.

Referenced at this same meeting were comments made by Liz at the July 5, 2011, port meeting. Concerned that the commissioners might not approve additional public subsidies for Grove Field, Liz told the commissioners she thought they had “made a deal with landowners to the west, in exchange for campaign contributions or whatever.” She added, “if that’s not the case, I’d like you to tell me here today.”

Commissioner Lampton quickly replied, “That’s not the case. What you’re saying is that our votes are for sale.”

Liz replied, “Absolutely, I’m saying that.”

We don’t need a representative in Olympia who’s first impulse is to assume anyone that does not agree with her on an issue is corrupt. And we don’t need a representative that can’t get along with local leaders that are doing positive things for our community. Keep in mind that our current commissioners are widely recognized for running our port in the best interests of the entire port district.

But also keep in mind that this insult to our port commissioners was made the meeting before Liz was hoping for a decision, by these same commissioners, which would be favorable to the desires of her special interest. We don’t need a representative in Olympia that is so unwise.

Richard Hamby, Washougal

Cortes is the right choice

Adrian Cortes should be our next choice for Position 1 in the 18th Legislative District.

Adrian has compiled an impressive list of accomplishments in his volunteer and leadership service to his fellow citizens; true leadership and experience.

Adrian is a fiscal conservative who believes the proper stewardship of public funds means spending money when it is required and when it benefits all citizens. Adrian also believes that oppressive and unnecessary State DEQ regulations have made storm water development projects overly expensive in our community.

Adrian believes that our community needs safe roads in good repair; proper lighting in public areas; clean, safe drinking water; and strong police, fire and emergency medical systems, that enhance the promise of economic and recreational opportunities for all.

Adrian believes in a state government that has the participation of its citizens and the government must be accountable to its citizens.

Jim Lawrence, Battle Ground

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