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CrossFit North Pacific and Mill Town locations offer varied workouts

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Individuals participate in a variety of weight lifting, gymnastics and cardio activities at CrossFit North Pacific, in Washougal. The business, owned by David and Polly Albright, opened in June.

Two businesses in Washougal hope to improve the fitness levels of local residents. They offer CrossFit workouts which can include gymnastics, running and weight lifting.

CrossFit North Pacific expands

The staff and clients of CrossFit North Pacific welcomed David Albright home Saturday with a “workout of the day” in his honor.

Albright, a combat controller in the Air Force, returned from a deployment to Afghanistan and will be stateside through the winter. His wife Polly has also served in the Air Force.

They opened CrossFit North Pacific in June.

“My husband and I were introduced to CrossFit in 2006 when we were in the military,” Polly said. “He is thrilled to be home to enjoy the awesome business of helping people become fit and stay healthy.”

She said CrossFit training is suitable for all levels of fitness — “from absolute beginners to advanced.”

“We have an amazing group of athletes in their 50s and 60s that just started CrossFit when we opened,” Polly added.

In addition to the Albrights, Matt Justis and Adrienne Schmaltz are CrossFit coaches.

Polly described CrossFit as constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity.

“It’s the most fun you can have working out,” she said. “CrossFit is, by its very nature, infinitely scalable to suit the needs of a first time trainee to an advanced trainee. The best way to really find out what CrossFit is, is to try it.

“At CrossFit North Pacific, you won’t find machines,” Polly added. “You are the machine. Our community of athletes — from the teens to [those in] their 60s — is truly the heart and soul of our business. They come for the coaches, which care about and know every single athlete.”

The North Pacific facility was recently expanded from 1,000 square feet to 2,500 square feet. CrossFit classes for members are held Monday through Saturday. A complimentary session is provided.

CrossFit prices start at $137 per month. Discounts for police, fire and military personnel, as well as students and teachers, are available.

Personal training sessions are $45 per hour.

CrossFit North Pacific is located at 3142 Evergreen Way. For more information, call (912) 381-7055 or visit

CrossFit Mill Town is in downtown

Brandon Evenson envisions downtown Washougal becoming similar to a smaller version of the Pearl District, in Portland.

He previously operated Absolute Personal Training, for 1.5 years in downtown Camas. Evenson opened CrossFit Mill Town in September.

He said it had been challenging for his students to do their workouts outside during special events in downtown Camas, and a larger space was available in Washougal.

“The Camas location was too small,” Evenson said. “There is room to expand here.

“But Camas was a great starting place,” he added.

Evenson likes the access from the downtown Washougal area to the waterfront, provided by a pedestrian tunnel. He hopes more residents of the city will walk, run or bicycle through town or to shops and restaurants.

Evenson and Amber Ware are certified personal trainers, CrossFit coaches and boot camp instructors.

The new 5,000 square foot location is a “state-of-the-art CrossFit facility,” according to Evenson.

He described CrossFit as functional training that is at a high intensity and constantly varied.

“It is not a repetitive gym routine,” Evenson said. “It’s going to take the fitness industry by storm.”

CrossFit classes for members are held Monday through Saturday. A complimentary session is provided.

CrossFit prices start at $165 per month. Discounts are available for military personnel, as well as firefighters, police officers and students. Personal training sessions are $65 per hour.

CrossFit Mill Town is located at 2027 Main St. For more information, call 904-9903, or visit