Shelter from the Storm

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The Camas offensive line pushes Skyview in both directions Friday, at Doc Harris Stadium. The Papermakers reigned 42-17.

There was nowhere for Skyview to hide Friday night. The Camas football community came to play.

More than 5,000 Papermakers, both young and old, filled the grandstand at Doc Harris Stadium to be a part of the first 4A Greater St. Helens League football game in Camas history.

The Papermakers rocked the Storm like a hurricane, to the tune of a 42-17 final score. Camas put the defending league champions away with 28-0 scoring drive in the second half.

“It’s such a surreal moment to be out on that field in front of so many fans. I didn’t realize how many people were there until they surrounded us during the Camas fight song. We were rubbing elbows with everybody in the community,” said senior linebacker John Norcross. “There’s nothing else like that. It was such an awesome feeling. I wish everyone could experience something like that.”

Norcross and Vince Huber scored the touchdowns, and Nate Beasley racked up tons of rushing yards, but it was brute force by Drew Clarkson, Troy Patterson, Jason Vailea and Matt Walser that helped the Papermakers move the ball down the field all night long.

“The front line is all heart,” Clarkson said. “Every time we go through adversity, it brings us closer together.”

Beasley delivered 231 rushing yards on 23 carries, but he didn’t score one touchdown in the game. Every single yard he gained was for the team and the town.

“It doesn’t matter who gets it in the end zone as long as we’re putting points on the board,” Beasley said. “The fans were behind us every step of the way. It just shows how tight a community we have for football. One thing brings us all together.”

Norcross rushed for 108 yards and scored five touchdowns. He had three goal line runs and took an 11-yard pass from Reilly Hennessey into the end zone.

“To have a guy like Jason Vailea leading blocking for you is something beautiful to run behind,” Norcross said. “Reilly was in command of the offense, the O-line was getting a good push, and Vince and Nate did a great job of moving the ball. They did all the work, I just had to push for the last 3 or 4 yards.”

Norcross and the Papermakers rammed a 90-yard touchdown run down Skyview’s throats in the fourth quarter.

“Once you bust through into the open field, you don’t want to get caught from behind,” Norcross said. “Just keep those legs moving and don’t look back.”

“It’s an amazing feeling to see the big Norcat blow right by you and into the end zone,” Patterson said.

“It’s great to know I can open up a hole for the team to make a big play,” Vailea added. “And it’s great to see the crowd going crazy. That’s the biggest one I’ve seen so far.”