Letters to the Editor for Oct. 16, 2012

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Vick is a leader

Over the course of the last decade I have had the pleasure of watching Brandon Vick grow into a man of good character and an exemplary leader.

He possesses the ability to see the big picture, to lead a group in a positive direction, to navigate complicated situations and to take responsibility when things don’t go the way they were planned. In the race for State Representative in the 18th District, Position 1, I think the choice is clear. Please vote for much needed leadership; please vote for Brandon Vick — a leader of whom we can be proud.

Marla Riley, Vancouver

Cortes is the right choice

As someone who has been in the public service arena a long time, I believe that the most successful public servants are those who put people before politics. Adrian Cortes is just such a servant. It has been inspiring to watch Adrian become a great leader and accomplish so much for the people of Battle Ground.

Adrian Cortes is the right choice. I ask you to join with me in voting for Adrian so that he can work for all the people of the 18th District to help get Washington back on track.

John Idsinga, Former mayor of Battle Ground

Skamania government needs to be better

We recognize that Skamania County is experiencing the same economic conditions as the United States government, the respective states, counties and cities.

Revenue has not met the demands of expenditures, and as many economists forecast, it may not be for some time before these demands can be met.

With the advent of the national, state and local elections, new faces will appear to take elected offices. Our elected officials will be in catch-up mode for at least six months or more in a dramatic learning curve. That learning curve may be the most stressful time in the history of Skamania County since the Depression. The new county commissioners will need all of the support that our citizens can offer.

The usual and customary business practices that give guidance and direction to success are called, “vision statements” or “business plans.” We would like to suggest that the new county commissioners develop a business plan that identifies short term, mid-term policies that will provide the framework for all future budgets and expenditures.

We suggest that the Skamania County Commissioners consider the selection of a “Advisory Blue Ribbon Committee” for the purpose of soliciting and receiving input for the development of the business plan and other needs.

Our intent is that the committee is only to offer assistance and support in these most difficult times, not to dictate or conflict with each elected officials’ statutory responsibilities. An annual review is recommended.

Lastly, we urge the Skamania County Commissioners to publish an annual report that would include benchmarks of progress and/or failure. In our opinion, that report would alleviate the many rumors and whispers in the course of our future.

Bill Fosburg and Concerned Citizens for Better Government

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