School enrollments on the rise

Local districts continue to see growth

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The Camas and Washougal school districts continue to grow in enrollment, with each reporting a 1.7 percent increase this year.

Camas’s full-time equivalency count is 5,948, 61 more than last September. Washougal’s full-time equivalency count is 2,885, an increase of 52 from last September, and 50 more than expected in the budget. “The high school is actually down 33 from projected and the elementary schools are sitting at 78 more than projected,” said Rosann Lassman, business manager. “We have added another kindergarten session, but the rest of the increase is spread over multiple grades at multiple levels.”

Camas had projected for the growth in its budget, so staff has already been added, said Donna Gregg, business services director.

“We added staff during budget time, and have increased some part-time staff in specific areas, however, we think that the staffing is in place for the year at this time.”

The growth level in Camas is spread among all grade levels, she added.

In Washougal, an additional kindergarten teacher has been hired, and a first- or second-grade teacher and additional aide will also be added soon.

Both Lassman and Gregg are hopeful that the worst part of the economic crisis has passed.

“We can only hope,” Lassman said. “We do see some new construction happening.”

Gregg said that even during tough times, Camas saw growth.

“Camas enrollment continued to grow even during the worst of the crisis because of our excellent programs, staff and our community, which is very supportive of our schools,” she said.